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Courier X is finishing up the last stop of the work day, just one more package and then it’s back home for some earned rest and relaxation. Now to just find the mailbox.

Courier X and the Worst Stop Ever is a First Person Puzzle game where the player attempts to navigate the home of an annoying wizard to deliver his package so they can finally go home!

Courier X is the second title by Raptor code team - A team of Student designers who produced it in a single semester.

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Johnny Belluomini – Art/3d Modelling/Menu Art/Environment Design  

Chris Bokowy – Sfx/Sound Design/Mixing  

Joshua Duffy – Art/3d Modelling/Title Card  

Melina Espinosa – Art/3d Modelling  

Matthew Herrick – Art/3d Modelling/Environment Design  

Alex Riak – Music/Composition  

Joshua Whittom – Level/Puzzle Design  

Matthew Zolfo – Production/Gameplay Scripting/Level/Puzzle Design

Install instructions

Just make sure to unzip it first! Run it off the .exe and don't delete any of that other stuff!


Courier X and the worst Stop ever v1.01.zip 191 MB

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